Aeolipile illustration from Heron's PneumaticaHeron Robots is  a privately held startup-company whose main focus is to develop and implement advanced breakthrough solutions in the fields of robotics, artificial cognitive systems, AI and of intelligent autonomous systems.

Core developments are in the fields of reliable modular and commoditized enabling platform for challenging visual/multimodal
manipulation and grasping tasks, planning and control of robot swarms, advanced planning and control in the field of service, entertainment, health care robotics and web enabled robotics applications for service, leisure, health care.

Some of the 'novel' activities are related to :

  • statistical/stocastical identification and control algorithms, in particular based on polinomial identification, belief space planning, etc.
  • artificial self healing cognitive systems

  • AI technologies, in particular 'commodity' rule based environments and applications
  • architectures for the deployment of loosely coupled massive swarms of intelligent autonomous robot agents.

With a special enphasis on modularity, scalability, commodity tools, standard platforms, easyness of integration.

It also provides consultancy and training in the same fields.
It is part of several robotics research and business networks.

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how-we-workWe act as an Hollywood producer: for every project we set up the suitable network structure to manage it and achieve its objective, involving the fittest people and subcontractors to provide the best possible solutions and tools.

We can do it through our pervasive network of relations in the related communities.

If it can be done, we will do it.

There's a lot more things that can be already done than you might think.




The company name 'Heron' is a tribute to Heron of Alexandria, the famous hellenistic scientist and engineer who lived in the first century of the first millenium.





He was the inventor of the aeolipile (an early example of steam engine, almost two thousand of years before Watt), a designer of automas and automatisms, mostly for leisure and entertainment or religious purpose, in the ellenistic age.
He continued the work of Euclides, the founder of geometry.


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