Moving eyes for ambient monitoring, indoor and outdoor

PrehensileEye is designed as a patrolling aid driving the human supervisor's attention where 'something is happening'.

A limit of current methods of surveillance of secured public or private areas by means of commercial fixed cameras systems is that they require a continued human attention of all the streamings. This requires to engage a comparatively high number of people in the activity, and cannot guarantee a constant level of attention of all the people involved in it.

On the other hand, research intelligent surveillance system based on methods proposed in related literature do no not reach the assessment capabilities of properly trained human operators.

The system is conceived using a subsidiary approach leaving threat assessment and object recognition tasks to the human supervisors. The system is seen as a robotic camera subgroup of a wider networked surveillance macrostructure.

The camera intelligence software subsystem is designed as a saliency-based attention system driven by the mutual information between subsequent observations of the cells by which the observation scenario is divided.

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